Saturday, July 2, 2011

REVIEW: T&G Sensitive Repair Cream

I am making this post with a lot of hesitancy.  Mostly because the product that I'm introducing here appears to be sold only at Chinese Beauty Spas in California.  On top of that, I am unable to find any information about the company that makes T&J, suspicious. 

Despite all the suspicions, this is, by far, the absolutely best skin cream I have used, AND its for people with eczema.

This was first introduced to me by my esthetician at a small spa located in Oakland, CA.  At the time, my skin was red, flaky, and sensitive for about 6 months.  I knew only the steriod creams, as prescribed by my doctor, for eczema would work, but my skin was already thinned out by the stuff.  It was my absolute last resort, for when my skin started bleeding or weeping. 

Finally I took a suggestion and went to a small spa in Oakland, CA run by a nice woman from Hong Kong.  The esthetician there immediately knew what was going on and proceeded to steam my face and appied the gentlest most soothing mask she had (felt so cooling ahh!).  Afterwards she applied a sensitive skin toner, and T&J Sensitive Repair Cream, and gave me a 5 day sample to take home.

"Remember, don't use this more than 2 weeks because it just won't be as effective anymore, your skin will get used to it.  After 2 weeks of this, you need to switch back to your regular cream." the esthetician said to me.

Sensitive Repair Cream
Picture of empty jar.
I've used up all of it, but this is a very light and white cream.
I had to post a pic since I couldn't find a single decent one online.

Back of jar
Sensitive Repair Cream
Formulated to protect sensitive skin against the pollutants outwards.
Reduced the redness of skin irritation.  Makes skin smooth, supple
and healthy.
Ingredients:  Camomile Extracts, Allantoin, Sodium, Lactate and
Aloe Extracts.
Directions:  After Cleaning, apply to face and massage gently until
absorbed.  Recommended for sensitive, inflammatory skin and skin
with eczema.
T&J Skin Care Product of France

My Take:
The first day I tried, I noticed my skin didn't keep moist, in fact it felt dry.  Instead of adding more cream, I sprayed some Evan Mineral water and bared with the flaky dry skin.  

After the second day, I was surprised  by what I saw in the mirror, my face completely cleared up!  The redness was almost gone and when I touched my face, it felt smooth and comfortable and surprisingly moisturized.  Finally my skin is clear again after 6 months!  It wasn't flaky, it was finally comforted smooth skin, the way it should be.

I'll admit, since then, I haven't really found a suitable replacement.  Any time I stopped using it my face would turn red and irritable and at it's worse, inflamed.  I've even used it over 2 weeks, big mistake.  It doesn't work quite the way it used to.  So now, I must continue looking for a new cream.   

Rating:  10/10

Here is a link to an online store that sells this cream.
WARNING:  I haven't purchased from them before and they charge $6 more than what I'm used to.  Please try with caution, I cannot take responsibility if something happens with the store or if the cream did not work as well for you as it did for me.

If you are ever in Oakland, CA I found a place that sells the cream (not the place where I had my treatments).   The place where I had my treatments was bought out by a larger spa and no longer sells the cream :(. I've purchased from this store before, for about $52 a jar.  Please, please call them before you head over, they have very unconventional hours and don't follow the hours they state on their site or store,

If I see enough requests, I may ship samples for a reasonable fee.  And no, I am not endorsing the product, just honestly sharing what worked for me.


  1. Hi Sensibeau - I have the same problem as well. Was wondering if you ever found an alternative for this sensitive repair cream?

    1. Hi Lupitaski,

      I haven't found the best alternative for this sensitive repair cream. However, I have been using the Glimpse Moisturizing Cream for the last several months.

      It was introduced to me by a friend who sells it. Though I can't exactly say positive things about their shipping department (I've been put on their auto-ship every 3 month list without my knowledge), the cream does work very well. It has really reduced my sensitivity (I tried to use other creams and I keep coming back to the Glimpse). I suggest to get a sample if you can.

      Speaking of samples, I recently tried a sample of "Sisley Hydra-Global Intense Anti-Aging Hydration" on random evening and was surprised by how moisturized my skin was the next day without being irritated. I quickly looked it up and it was so expensive! I plan to save my money and buy some.

      In the meanwhile, thanks to you question I will post a list of skin products that worked and didn't work for my skin. Hopefully it will help you even more!


  2. How long do you have to wait before using the T&J product again? Is it 2 weeks on/2 weeks off? Thanks!


    1. Hi Emily,

      I have to wait 2 weeks before using T&J sensitive repair cream again. You've got it right, its 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. For eczema sufferers like me, this rule is best for face lotion AND prescription ointments/creams (especially the topical steroids).

      Thanks for reading my blog!